Urban Hikes, Vienna
Reimagining relation to environment through a collection of audio-guided, urban hikes in Vienna, Austria.
What does the entanglement of human and non-human life in Vienna reveal? How are we of and composed by this place? To explore these questions, we produced 5 audio hikes, each with distinct subjects, in the city of Vienna.
A hidden AR sculpture marked the start of each hike’s location, and acted as points of access for the audio experience. Group hikes and discussions were run during the three weeks spent in Vienna.
This project was produced together with our friends, environmental design consultancy SPURSE, for Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus (WUK) — an internationally recognized socio-cultural center for exhibitions, events and workshops in Vienna, Austria.
Maps of Vienna where hikes took place.
Rendering of AR object in space.
Puddle-like AR object.
48.22371, 16.35202
Drip-like AR object.
48.22488, 16.47644
River-like AR object.
48.22176, 16.44467
Notes from Water Walking
Schwimmverein Donaukanal is a Viennese collective working to revitalize the Danube Canal as a public swimming spot. Together, we wrote and recorded a unique hike, Swimming in the Canal, to be listened to while drifting with the body water.
Swimming and listening with Schwimmverein Donaukanal:
People preparing for the swim at Vienna canal.People preparing for the swim at Vienna canal.
THANK YOU Johanna Lerner, Ulrike Fallmann, Amelie Schlemmer, David Graf, Marie Handl, Raphael Foltyn, Lune Ames, Suzanne Craviari, Livia Alexander, Isin Onol, Jezreel Deseo, Schneur Werde, and Marcello Borgenicht