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1012 Grand St.
Hoboken, New Jersey
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What we do.
Flourish LAB provokes vivid relationships with the ecologies to which we exist. The lab has no immediate discipline. We design to build a world that is biodiverse, symbiotic, entangled, thriving — flourishing.
How we do it.
Our process is:

1. Incredibly Interdisciplinary; we realize ideas that come from experimentation and play — ideas that are ambitious and untethered from any one discipline.

2. Ecologically Unconventional; we view ecosystems and the life within as collaborators who hold technologies and knowledges to be engaged and leveraged.
Who we do it with.
Our work is both self-initiated, and for and with others. Drop us a line at .

Clients and collaborators include Urban Soils Institue, Leaf Island, &Son, BELA Business and Entrepreneurship Learning Academy, WUK Vienna, Homa Studios, SPURSE, Rossana Orlandi Foundation, Wave Hill, Emergent Futures Lab, MIX Lab, and Design Shed.
Other cred.
Program Instructor
Urban Design and Architecture, BELA Summer Program
Montclair New Jersey, Summer 2022

MIX Lab Visiting Student Conference
New York New York, February 2022

Exhibiting Designer
A Knot In The Throat Exhibition, WUK
Vienna Austria, October 2021

Exhibiting Designer
RoPlastic, Milan Design Week 2021
Milan Italy, September 2021

Exhibiting Designer
Eco-Urgency: Now or Never, Lehman College & Wave Hill
Bronx New York, August 2021

Shortlisted Project
Emerging Ecosystems, Lexus Design Award 2021
Fall 2020

Guest Speaker
Sustainability- ‘Gradient’ IGTV & Radio Free Montclair Design Week Series
Fall 2020